Success! GST removed from tampons

No tax on tampons!

Remember the story about the tampon tax and the campaign to remove the GST on feminine hygiene products?

Well, they did it. They won! They succeeded!

It sometimes seems like political victories are so rare that it bears repeating.

A social media campaign targeted the Canadian government on this issue and the government agreed to remove GST from feminine hygiene products.

Activists will be celebrating this victory on July 1, when the tax is officially removed.

This is a feminist issue and it quickly picked up steam. Maybe because it simply affects so many people. Why should women be taxed on items that are necessary for our physical health?

This heart-warming story goes to show that when an issue gets the attention it deserves, change really can happen, even in the current divisive political environment. And that when women get together to fight for a swift change, anything is possible!

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