Heart. One of the strongest words there is.

Healthcare is a system that, in one way or another, touches every single person Canada.

But the value of our healthcare system can't be represented by a number. It's not a statistic, a graph, or a dollar sign at the bottom of a financial statement. In the end, quality of care is measured person-to-person.

Healthcare is the nurse at the side of a child's hospital bed. The personal support worker who carefully bathes a senior recovering from a broken hip. The paramedic who knows every minute counts and exactly what to do. The social worker who finds a family the mental health resources they need.

The developmental support worker who sees capabilities, not disabilities. The activity aides and dietary aides who expand their job descriptions to include listening and laugh­ter. The lab technicians, clerical staff, housekeepers, and maintenance staff who work attentively behind the scenes, knowing their work truly keeps the whole system running.

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