Union Myth Busters!

Myth #1:

"SEIU Healthcare is just like every other union; you won’t do much for me."

Bust this Myth!


SEIU Healthcare is not like other unions. We are a specialized Healthcare union that shares your values and understands your concerns.

We are not bureaucrats

Many of us were healthcare workers too. We understand the challenges you face on the job and we know the limitations of the healthcare system.

We listen and
take action

We give you the structure, the tools and support to solve your work problems, no matter what they are. We make sure you are heard and you are at the centre of all solutions.

Myth #2:

"Unions will drive up wages, the sector will become less competitive and needy clients will be deprived."

Bust this Myth!


We want you to flourish and we want the healthcare system to work for you and your clients.

At the end of the day, the union is nothing but a structure that helps you and your colleagues come together and decide together on what’s best for you at work. We know how important your clients are to you, rest assured that they are our priority too.

We create better working conditions for healthcare workers, but we care about your clients just as much as you.

Myth #3:

"Unions will make me strike and that’s bad for my pocket and my clients!"

Bust this Myth!


A strike is never something that we decide for you. It is, and will always be a right that you can exercise to get what you want when you need to.

We assist your collective power

When we help you create your union at your workplace, we simply assist you and your co-workers to find your collective power as a group.

We don't make decisions for you!

We provide you with the tools and options that will make you successful at work and to find the justice and respect you deserve!

Myth #4:

"Unions are after my money."

Bust this Myth!


SEIU Healthcare membership costs you no more than a cup of coffee a day, and every cent goes towards making your job better.

You entrust us with exactly 1.8% of you monthly salary to represent you, protect you, secure your job, and create stable working conditions. That's about the same price as a daily cup of coffee!

In addition, your union fees are 100% tax deductible. That means everything SEIU Healthcare gives you is practically free.

Myth #5:

"When I get a union I'm just replacing one employer with another."

Bust this Myth!


When we help you create your union at your workplace, we put the power in your hands. You are in charge.

That's Because at SEIU Healthcare, You're the Boss!

We don’t make decisions for you – we simply help give you the tools and support to level the playing field with your employer. Our job is to make sure you are protected and have access to the resources you need to flourish.

Myth #6:

"Unions protect bad workers and do not allow good workers to shine."

Bust this Myth!


We protect your right to work in a stable, healthy and safe environment that gives you the strength to address workplace issues and have opportunities for growth.

"You are a selfless hero.
You don’t wait for rewards or
ask for thanks.
I appreciate every minute you spend
taking care of me."

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