Justin Trudeau walks-a-day in the shoes of a homecare PSW

The work you do is vital to our community, and that’s why it’s important for you to share your story. SEIU Healthcare is the only union challenging politicians to walk in the shoes of frontline healthcare workers. As key decision makers, these leaders need the opportunity to see what your life is like.

In June, the union extended an invitation to Ottawa’s three main political leaders to “walk-a-day” in the shoes of a healthcare worker. Mr. Trudeau accepted the invitation, and the original offer remains open to the other leaders.

PRESS RELEASE: Justin Trudeau walks-a-day in a PSW's shoes

Minister Dipika Damerla Accepts the Challenge!

In June, our president Sharleen Stewart invited a very enthusiastic Associate Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to walk a day in the shoes of a Long Term Care worker. Dipika Damerla immediately accepted the task and a decision was made to open up the opportunity to all eligible members through an application process. Applications are now closed. Stay tuned for updates. SEIU Healthcare is really proud to bring this unique and rare opportunity to you! Watch the video of Minister Damerla accepting the walk-a-day challenge below:


In 2013, SEIU Healthcare invited then Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Deb Matthews to walk a day in the shoes of Juliette Chestney, an SEIU Healthcare Personal Support Worker (PSW) from Milton. The event was designed to increase understanding of the important role that PSWs play in Ontario’s healthcare system and learn about the challenges faced everyday by frontline healthcare staff. Check out the video of this significant event: Walk-a-day with Deb Matthews

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