When school is never over (for grown-ups)

E-learning for members

How do you keep your mind active?

The human desire to soak in knowledge, to learn, and to grow is sometimes locked in battle with our realistic day-to-day needs, work, chores, commute, etc.

That being said, minds need stimulation. The brain is a muscle like any other and when it goes unchallenged, it loses its capacity to hold information and to operate at full capacity.

Some people do crosswords or puzzles. Some read, write, or listen to music. Others are on a continuous quest for education – formal or otherwise.

While in some ways nothing beats face-to-face training, there are many innovative online ways to learn that go above and beyond just reading lines on a screen. And they can give us the jolt that our brains need to function better in all aspects of our lives.

Incredibly, prestigious schools like MIT allow anyone to follow university courses online for free. The online platform Khan Academy uses a mix of text, chats and discussion, and video to open our eyes on thousands of different subjects. TED Talks allow you to soak in complex ideas by watching engaging (read: not boring) talks by experts.

There are also many free online courses available especially for SEIU Healthcare members, plus friends and family. These are practical and important courses that will improve your skills (for example, Microsoft Word) and teach you about work-related subjects such as accident investigation, First Aid, and labour history.

Feel free to share and help us all learn more!

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