So What's a Union After All?

A union protects, guides and supports a group of workers who have chosen to come together to improve their quality of work and job security.


It can be easy to feel isolated and alone, but together with your colleagues you have tremendous collective power.


A union will provide the support and safety to stand up to your boss, make sure you are heard and get the respect you deserve.


We fight for you in bad times, and help you grow in good times by providing access to resources and benefit programs.

Why Do I Need a Union?

Unions give you the support and help you need to be in control at work. You can take on your boss without being scared of losing your job.

We Empower You

You don’t have to feel alone during bad times at work. We will be there to provide advice and support on every work issue you might face so you can feel safe.

We Help You Take Control

Your employer will not be the only decision-maker. We will help you level the playing field by giving you the collective power to decide on what’s best for you at work.

We Amplify Your Voice

You deserve to be heard. We will make sure that your boss listens to you and that you are heard, loud and clear, by your employer, your community and the policy-makers.

Get a
Better Wage

You can get paid more and deserve to get paid more! We provide you with the job stability you need to do the job you love. We will help you negotiate better pay and benefits.

Get Justice
at Work

We know how important justice and respect are for you. We will give you the structure and the tools to stand up to your boss and find the justice that you seek and the respect that you deserve at work.

Get Access
to Benefits

Our commitment to you goes beyond helping you achieve better working conditions. We will also make sure that you have access to the best benefits that will help you grow and save your money.

"You make my life
so much better
every day you come
into work."

Life Before and After a Union!

We’ve been changing the lives of healthcare workers since 1944. Like you, our members were underpaid and overworked – we helped change that. Don’t take our word for it, hear it from healthcare professionals like you.

Testimonial 1

"What’s in it for me, you might ask?! Well, two words: Malpractice Insurance fully paid by my union. I am a Registered Nurse and my union knows exactly the size of investment I put into getting my license and their priority is always to protect me and help me grow. It does not just stop here. SEIU Healthcare gives me the back up and support to serve my clients and community with confidence and compassion. "

Testimonial 2

"I walk into my workplace every day empowered knowing that SEIU Healthcare has allowed me to negotiate the best possible contract and employment standards with my company. I also know that this does not just help me, but also helps anyone new who joins my workplace. I fought the fight to bring in SEIU Healthcare as my union. Workwise, this is the best thing I’ve done in ages."

Testimonial 3

"It’s not just about having a contract or employment standards. To me, having SEIU healthcare as my union means that I am in charge of my working conditions, I can bring in the positive change I’ve always wanted I can build a career and serve clients without any distraction, I can grow and flourish and above all I get the respect and fairness I was always looking for at work. "

Testimonial 4

"Of course I’ve had ups and downs with my union. It’s like any other relationship, it takes work from both sides to make it happen. But my union is not just a union. My union is SEIU Healthcare, and they are different. We have a constant dialogue and we work together to get the most out of our partnership. They work for me and I truly feel that I have a team of professionals working for me and my benefit."

Testimonial 5

"You might ask yourself, why do I need a union? How will it make my workplace better? Well, let me tell you, my union did not only improve my work life it actually made my life better in general. SEIU Healthcare gave me the opportunity to take charge, grow my leadership skills, get involved at work and in my community to make sure that my voice is heard and listened to with the powers to be. "

Testimonial 6

"I am a paramedic, my job is very stressful, but I wake up every morning knowing that going to work will be at least a little bit less stressful because my union has got my back. The sense of empowerment I derive from SEIU Healthcare gives me the reassurance that my priorities are on top of the list and that my work-life balance is not just an abstract concept but a necessity to keep on doing well at work."

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