Women Power! 2015 Women's Day Assembly Recap

SEIU Healthcare held its Women’s Day Assembly on March 6, 2015 to commemorate International Women’s Day (March 8 annually). Over 200 powerful, caring and committed SEIU sisters attended and shared stories of triumph over adversity, their experiences and struggles as a marginalized segment of society and their dreams for a future where women are equal in every sense and realm.

“Women – Power! Women – Power! Women – Power” rang out to start the conference and set the tone for the day. Speakers included SEIU Healthcare President, Sharleen Stewart, members of the Women’s Committee: Mina Amrith; Fatima Vieira; Donna Thomas; Allison Patterson; Dahlia Bent; Kathleen Pellerin; Mary Verveniotis; Gloria Vanloo; and Lisa Rutherford and staff members: Michael Spitale; Tyler Downey; Jackie Walker; and Brenda Snider. However the highlight of the day was a rousing address by SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry who jetted into Toronto for the day to speak with some very important people including Premier Kathleen Wynne, an interview with the Toronto Star and our sisters of course!

Despite some last minute agenda shifts, the day was a huge success and we trust all participants left with a sense of purpose and inspiration and that all will be sure to complete their “Me +3,” homework and survey!  Many thanks to all of the staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure an impressive and worthwhile event.

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