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Pay Equity

SEIU Healthcare will give you access to Pay Equity specialists who can show you how to benefit from the latest changes in policy and law.


If you don't have WSIB now, we will give you access to it through our bargaining process. We understand that the system is complex and unfair. That's why we have our WSIB experts at your disposal to help you through the process of application and appeals.


We want to give you the stability and respect you deserve at your workplace. That's why the role of our Union representatives does not end at guiding you through the bargaining process; they will support you as you grow and flourish at work and will help you with any challenges you may face.


We work with the different levels of government to bring your voice to the table. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to make sure that what you deserve becomes a priority. You will be the solution-provider and the trustworthy advisor.

Legal Assistance

We can all face problems at work. Regardless of the size or nature of your work issue we will provide you with the legal assistance you need for free.

"You are my daily companion.
You give me hope
and the will to live. You are definitely
my guardian angel."

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